Gateway Coverage

Guidance At Your Fingertips

Gateway provides reimbursement assistance for both patients and health care professionals. Monogram Biosciences believes strongly that access to its assays should be available to all patients who would benefit from them. Gateway is just one more example of Monogram’s commitment to advancing individualized medicine.

With a dedicated staff that is familiar with reimbursement logistics across the nation, Gateway can help you:

  • Verify test coverage.
  • Obtain prior authorization.
  • Work on a patient’s behalf if prior authorization or insurance reimbursement is denied.
  • Prepare appeals for insurance denials.
  • Complete necessary medical documents.
  • Coordinate submissions to increase the likelihood of test coverage.

Gateway Makes Reimbursement Assistance as Easy as 1-2-3


In the event that verification/coverage cannot be established, Gateway will manage the patient’s case and/or research alternative coverage. Call Gateway at 877-436-6243.

Information We’ll Need

When applying for support through Gateway, we’ll need the following information on the application: 

Provider Information Patient Information
Provider name Patient name
Contact person Date of birth
Telephone and fax number of contact person Patient diagnosis code
Type of test requested Insurance information for all insurance plans, including state and federal programs in which the patient participates