HCV NS5B Testing

The HCV NS5B Drug Resistance Assay is a genotypic (sequencing) resistance assay that analyzes the nonstructural (NS) 5B region of hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes 1a or 1b using next-generation sequencing (NGS) techniques. Amino acid substitutions in the NS5B region are identified, and a viral susceptibility call for the direct-acting agents (DAAs) that inhibit the HCV RNA polymerase is reported as either “resistance possible” or “none/undetermined”.

Features of HCV NS5B Drug Resistance Assay

  • Assessment of HCV susceptibility for currently available NS5B DAAs, including dasabuvir and sofosbuvir
  • Identification of amino acid variants within the NS5B protein of HCV genotypes 1a or 1b
  • Detection of mixtures of wild-type and drug-resistant variants when present at levels as low as 10% of the total population
HCV NS5B Testing