Next-generation Sequencing

In response to demand from pharmaceutical companies for highly sensitive sequencing capabilities, Monogram has developed its own next-generation testing services. We anticipate that our next-generation sequencing (NGS) products will become an invaluable and cost-effective tool in the detection and quantification of minor subpopulations of HIV and HCV that can provide a mechanism for viruses to escape drug or antibody pressure. Our NGS capabilities provide a solution to the technical challenges of developing pan-genotypic assays for viruses, such as HCV, that exhibit broad sequence diversity. In addition, our NGS platforms will enable the development of whole viral genome assays that will provide rapid and simultaneous characterization of multiple antiviral drug targets using a single assay. Monogram launched its first assay based on NGS technology, GenoSure Archive®, in October of 2014 and is preparing to move other technologies to and develop new assays on the NGS platform.