Trofile® is a phenotypic viral RNA assay that is the only commercially available tropism assay that has been clinically validated through use in Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical studies to identify CCR5 antagonist candidates.1-3 One such drug, maraviroc (Selzentry®), is available for clinical use. Trofile is a clinically validated assay for the selection of clinically appropriate patients for maraviroc.

The Trofile Coreceptor Tropism Assay:

  • Is 100% sensitive at detecting 0.3% CXCR4-using minor variant.4
  • Uses the complete gp160 coding region of the HIV-1 envelope protein to ensure that all determinants of tropism are tested.
  • Can successfully amplify and reliably report results with viral loads ≥1,000 copies/mL.

Trofile has been shown to be accurate, precise, sensitive, reproducible, and robust in the measurement of HIV-1 co-receptor tropism. More than 100,000 samples have been tested using this assay.