HIV Curative Initiatives

Monogram is committed to offering molecular and cell-based assays to support the HIV Curative Strategy effort. Monogram is highly proficient in developing validated, high-complexity, and high-throughput antiviral drug resistance assays. Notably, Monogram offers a comprehensive portfolio of cell-based infectivity assays that measure susceptibility to antiviral compounds and antibodies that target various stages of viral replication. Recognized as having the ability to standardize and automate Curative Strategy assays, Monogram scientists contribute to the Delaney AIDS Research Enterprise (DARE) Collaboratory and the International Aids Society (IAS) HIV Cure Industry Collaboration Group (ICG). Currently, Monogram performs a conventional quantitative viral outgrowth assay (Q-VOA). Additionally, Monogram was awarded two National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH/NIAID) grants to support efforts to improve/simplify and automate the Q-VOA and develop novel approaches for quantifying the HIV latent reservoir.

For more information about our approach to curative initiatives and potential assays, download an informational slide deck.