Manage Patient Regimens While They Are Virologically Suppressed

Suppression management refers to the ability to make adjustments to antiretroviral (ARV) drug regimens in patients whose HIV-1 virus is fully suppressed. Advances in ARV drug therapy have resulted in many patients achieving and maintaining full viral suppression. Increasingly common today is the need for “fine tuning” regimens while the patient’s virus remains suppressed. Reasons for this include:

  • Side effects
  • Adverse events
  • Regimen simplification
  • Drug-drug interactions
  • Concern for long-term toxicities
  • Regimen intolerance
  • Optimization of ARVs in pregnancy
Suppression Management

GenoSure Archive®​

GenoSure Archive®​ is the newest suppression management offering by Monogram Biosciences. In 2010, Monogram launched Trofile® DNA to assess HIV-1 tropism when considering a CCR5 antagonist in suppressed patients. Together, GenoSure Archive and Trofile DNA provide a comprehensive assessment of five ARV drug classes to facilitate regimen simplification or switches in the setting of virologic suppression.