Pharma HIV Testing

Monogram is an innovative leader in human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) resistance testing and has played a major role in many clinical trials for new HIV drugs. We have both phenotypic and genotypic resistance testing assays that cover nearly every drug target that has or is being tested.

Genotypic Assays

  • GenoSure PRIme®
  • GenoSure® MG
  • GenoSure Archive®
  • GeneSeq® Integrase
  • GeneSeq® HIV Entry
  • Envelope sequencing
  • Gag sequencing

Phenotypic Assays

  • PhenoSense GT®
  • PhenoSense®
  • PhenoSense Integrase®
  • PhenoSense Entry®
  • Trofile®
  • ​PhenoSense® Assembly (gag testing)
HIV Genome