Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Assays

Labcorp is proud to apply our expertise in virology and drug resistance testing to the hepatitis C virus (HCV). We offer an extensive line of diagnostic tests to aid in patient management in addition to HCV drug resistance assays to help guide treatment decisions.

Diagnostic Testing Offered at Monogram

HCV Virus

Hepatitis C Testing for Pharma

Pharmaceutical companies are using our HCV resistance assays to support all phases of research and clinical development for several new HCV compounds. Our phenotypic and genotypic sequencing assays offered to pharmaceutical companies target all the major steps in the HCV replication cycle, including the NS3 protease, NS5A, and the NS5B polymerase. As more compounds reach the clinic, our assays will continue to provide useful information for the incorporation of DAAs into patient management.

For more information about Monogram’s full line of HIV, HCV, or pharmaceutical services, visit our Pharma Collaborations page.