The Most Convenient Way to View Monogram Test Results

vLink® provides secure Internet access to patient test results for all of Monogram’s HIV and HCV drug resistance assays, and HERmark® breast cancer assay. vLink is the most convenient way to access test results and to keep them organized. This free service is available to all healthcare providers who order testing directly from Monogram.  vLink enhances customer service by providing a more efficient and organized way of viewing test results and it improves turnaround time by delivering the complete patient report in the most rapid way possible – via the Internet. 

Features and Benefits of vLink Online Reporting

  • Easy, automated online signup
  • Rapid real-time access to results
  • Easy viewing, printing, and downloading of patient reports
  • New search features and ability to search by multiple fields
  • Automated password management
  • Historical tracking of patient reports
  • 24-hour access
  • Fully secure and HIPAA compliant 

To learn more or to sign in to vLink, click on a selected link below.