VeraTag® Technology For Pathway Profiling and Biomarker Development

VeraTag technology accurately quantitates:

Cancer Biomarkers

  • HER2 and p95HER2
  • HER3
  • c-MET, HGF and cMET-HGF complex
  • Heterodimers and HER1.HER2 and HER2/HER3

CAP/CLIA-validated assays

  • HERmark® Breast Cancer Assay for anti-HER2 therapy

Cell Signaling Pathways

  • HER3-PI3K complex
  • phospho-HER1
  • phospho-HER3

Immune Checkpoint Regulators

  • PD-L1
  • CD3

Customized assays can be developed upon request.

  • Accurately measures total protein levels, protein-protein interactions, or phosphorylated proteins.
  • Increased sensitivity over alternative protein biomarker technologies such as immunochemistry (IHC).
  • Provides a continuum of protein expression levels over a wide dynamic range.
  • Validated analytical assays available or consultation with scientific staff for fit-for-purpose assay development.
  • For use in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded cell lines, xenografts, human tissues, and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs).

VeraTag technology provides pharmaceutical partners and academic collaborators with sensitive and quantitative measurements of protein-protein complexes, activated proteins, and cell-surface receptors in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) cell lines, xenografts, and human tissues.

Research, Preclinical, and Clinical Trial Services Available

Services for clinical trials include:

  • Early development, pharmacodynamic, and mechanism-of–action (MOA) studies.
  • Biomarker detection and quantification in tumors and blood samples (PBMCs).
  • Correlation with outcome in retrospective or prospective clinical studies.
  • Patient stratification utilizing a quantitative measurement of biomarker(s).
  • Companion diagnostics to guide treatment selection of patients with targeted therapy.

Benefits of Monogram services and capabilities:               

  • On-site, fully licensed, CLIA/CAP certified clinical reference laboratory.
  • Streamlined, analytically validated, and quality controlled assays.
  • Knowledgeable scientific, clinical, and project management staff. We have published more than 24 peer-reviewed articles on VeraTag technology.
  • Support from Covance, Inc.'s drug development and companion diagnostics teams.
  • Companion diagnostics to guide treatment selection of patients with targeted therapy.

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